Marketing & Admin Intern

1) Carry out daily administrative task.
2) Assist in market research.
3) Contribute in developing marketing strategies and execute marketing campaigns.
4) Support in social media marketing.

Published : 21 Jul 2022 View Details

Mechanical Engineer Intern

1) Fulfill tasks set out by supervisors or engineers for any system assignment.
2) Assist Engineer in project execution.
3) Ensure that the project meets client specifications and completion within the deadline.
4) Perform mechanical drawing from proposal to the completion of the project.
5) Involve in the design, process of drawing, and other drafting tasks.
6) Perform engineering calculation and preparation of BOM list.
7) Supporting sales department for proposal drawing.
8) Site survey visit when necessary.
9) Able to assist and contribute to the product's research and development process.

Published : 21 Jul 2022 View Details

ά޼ʦ / Juruteknik / RepairTechnician (Backhoe/Excavator/Roller Compactor)


Published : 25 Sep 2018 View Details

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